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Case and Investigative Consultations




Private / Family

In death and violent assault investigations there may be a need for a review of law enforcement reports, photographs and conclusions to ensure thoroughness and completeness. This review is often an effective tool in recognizing possible defense strategies and tactics involving the processing and analysis of the scene and the evidence.


Additionally many departments do not have the expertise or access to conduct a reconstruction of the events. This reconstruction is often an effective prosecutorial tool as it lays out the dynamic interaction between the suspects, victim and witnesses during a dynamic incident and places them within the context of the scene.

In both death and violent assault investigations a thorough review of the law enforcement reports, documentation and photographs is offered.  This review is done to identify potentially missed investigative leads, inadequate or incomplete documentation and failure to adhere to best practices that may result in a misidentification of the perpetrator or the accused being inappropriately charged. 

There are instances where the defense version of events differs from prosecutions.  In these cases a forensic analysis to determine which version is scientifically and event supported through a reconstruction may be called for.

In cases of wrongful death or other civil matters involving death or violent crime, consultation services are offered to review any investigative findings. When appropriate, offer forensic reconstruction services to help determine the circumstances and sequence of events surrounding the death or assault.

In cases of unexpected death families are often left with questions.  These questions may effect distribution of insurance, death benefits or most importantly reputation of the deceased and peace of mind / closure for the family.  I offer a forensic review of the scene findings, scene photography, and autopsy to determine if there are any indicators that would be contrary to official findings or might indicate criminal / civil culpability or an alternate explanation of events.

Military Families

In cases of a military members death the family is often left with questions. This may occur in reported suicide, accidental or deaths by friendly fire.  Having served the military community for 20 years through my own Marine Corps and NCIS service I am uniquely positioned to offer consultation in cases of military deaths. It is difficult for a family to accept the finding of suicide or accidental death, especially when the loved one may have died on foreign soil or remote locations. I offer consultation services to review the circumstances and findings of the investigation. This consultation gives the family the opportunity for an outside review of the governments findings.

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